(Trying to) Choose Paint Colors…Ahead of Time

Anybody who knows me well enough will tell you that I have OCD when it comes to planning.  I try to plan out every little detail of everything so as to avoid surprises and to always be left prepared.  As a result, we still do not have a date for our close (thanks, appraiser’s report!) and I am sitting here fussing over paint colors.

Our lil dream boat house needs some color therapy for sure.  See, the lil ole lady (so I’m told) did not have the world’s best taste in paint colors.  It looks like she picked up some cheap markers and said “oh this one!”

Living RoomImageImageImage

Since every single room in the house needs painted (including the ceilings), I decided the quickest route to my sanity is to just pick one single neutral color to get on the walls and ceilings as soon as we get the keys, and then as we live in the space, we can make a longer-term paint decision.  That’s where you come in… see, I am not much for white walls or ‘real estate beige’ – however, in this situation, one of those is the logical choice to start with.  So off I went to Home Depot and picked out a ton of samples of white, off-white, and tan/beige to try to make some sort of decision.  Now I am just confused.  I thought I’d do a nice light off-white as a happy medium between stark white and real estate beige, but now I am afraid its just going to look dingy.  I’ve been staring at these paint samples. I know I can’t make a real decision until I can see them inside the house, but I need to narrow it down to a few so (1) I feel like I made some progress and (2) I’m not in there staring at 3034 different paint samples holding up real progress.

I tried as hard as I could to get some sort of digital dynamic reference for these paint samples, but alas I failed.  (IF anybody knows how to do that, please comment & let me know!)  So I pose the following question:

What’s your go-to whole-house would-never-hurt-you first love neutral paint color??? 

Think you can help me??  Comment below!

UPDATE: Color is on the wall – See more here.

5 thoughts on “(Trying to) Choose Paint Colors…Ahead of Time

  1. I’m also no expert on neutral paint colors, but I feel like most off-whites won’t necessarily just look dingy. I think with any really light color the look you’ll end up with will depend mostly on the lighting in the particular room – if you’re using soft white bulbs it will tend to be a bit more yellowish and in natural sunlight it would tend to be a bit bluer.

    So although that doesn’t help you narrow down your choices, there’s no substitute for seeing what it looks like inside the house and in a lot of cases you may not even be able to see a difference between off-white #3456 and slightly different off-white #3457! So maybe just choose a couple representative samples from each part of the spectrum you’re thinking about?

    • Yes! Thank you for your help! That’s I guess “sorta” what I did. I basically cleaned out a line of neutrals in the paint section samples haha They all seem so darn similar to me. I know I want to stay away from ones that end up looking yellow in natural light. I’d rather it have a softer blue hint, I think. I was just trying to get some examples of some colors people have used in their homes and have loved or hated and why.

      Thank you again for your feedback!

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