What we found under the carpet in every room

Dirt Under Carpet

Dirt Under Carpet

Under the carpet in every room in the house was just piles and piles of dirt.  This made me really appreciate hardwood floors and (must easier to wash/maintain/replace) area rugs.  Hello hardwood!  Stay tuned for a post on how we removed the carpet, then exposed & cleaned the hardwood!


5 thoughts on “What we found under the carpet in every room

  1. Removing carpet and seeing what’s underneath is one of the grossest things, because you realize what you’ve been living with for so long. We just finish our flooring and it makes a world of difference. Good luck and can’t wait to see the after pics!

    • Luckily we haven’t been living with it, since we just closed on our house. But it does make me glad we decided to rip it up & makes me hesitant to ever put any down again. The floor underneath ended up looking great in 90% of the areas.. some random dark spots and nail holes scattered about. We’ve labeled them as having “character” until we can afford to refinish them. I’ll be posting ‘afters’ soon! Thanks for the comment and the follow!

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  3. I started out with wood floors and got tired of the endless sweeping everyday so I put down carpet. I have to wonder sometimes how much dirt is trapped in these carpets. ewwwwl

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