Floors “After”

(…we ripped up the carpet and I scrubbed them on my hands & knees)

As mentioned here (and probably a dozen other places), we made the not-so-hard decision to rip up all the disgusting carpeting from the house to reveal the worn (but still in pretty great condition) hardwood underneath.  Here’s a picture of our office with the ceilings painted, the walls painted, and a new ceiling fan installed, but with the carpeting still down:

Painted but Carpeted

Painted but Carpeted

Then the next step (that we completed in every room, not just this one) was to pull up the carpet, the baseboards, all of the random nails & staples & etc, then handscrub the floors.  I am hoping to post a quick “how to” on that later.  Here’s our “after” photo:

Freshly Scrubbed Floors

Freshly Scrubbed Floors

The view is almost identical.. except the camera is held in a different orientation (sorry, I am learning to fix my before&after photo taking quirks as we go).  I’d say its mucho improved.  I don’t know why anybody would look at this and prefer carpet.  haha  Of course, it didn’t come without its quirks.  More on that later!

Naturally, we plan on painting all of the trim a nice crisp white.  This room makes it especially necessary since whoever lived here before decided not only should the room be flesh pink, but the top half of the trim (visible above the carpet) should also be flesh pink.  I shake my head at this.


What are your thoughts on our before and after?  We’d love to hear some feedback!

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