Floor “Quirks”

When sharing our “after” photos of our hardwood floors after we ripped up the carpet & hand scrubbed them, I mentioned that the floors definitely have their “quirks.”  We’ve noticed that whoever decided to ‘personalize’ this house before us didn’t do it without thinking about how easily it could be undone. One of the areas this was most obvious was the hardwood floors.  Obviously, they did not come from the school of hardwood lovers because they downright abused them.

First, in the arena of not intentional and possibly not blame worthy, the black spots that we’ve read completely contradictory information on how to get them out (none of which has worked so far – so we are starting to believe sand&restore is the only option)…

Black Spot on Master Bedroom Floor

Black Spot on Master Bedroom Floor

The green thing in the picture is a hardwood scrubber that we borrowed from my in-laws that didn’t have any effect on the black spot.  So much for that idea.  If you have any suggestions on how to at least fade these black spots until we get around to refinishing, please do share!

One thing we discovered that is definitely what I’d consider a “reckless disregard” for the hardwood floors were cheap adhesive vinyl tiles stuck to the floor & walls of the closets in the bedroom.  I ripped up one closet’s worth and then struggled for 8 hours straight trying all kinds of different methods of getting the leftover adhesive off of the floor to no avail.

MBR Closet Floor Tiles

MBR Closet Floor Tiles

MBR Closet Floor Stickiness During Cleanup

MBR Closet Floor Stickiness During Cleanup

The blue shown in the ‘during’ picture is actually my fault since I stuck down my knee pad and it attached to the adhesive..whoops.  my bad.  Like I said, I spent hours upon hours trying to get this adhesive up.  It came up in huge brown chunks that were absolutely disgusting, but even after getting so much of it up, it was still sticky.  I eventually admitted temporary defeat so I could get some more pressing things done & threw a rug down so we could use the carpet.  I admit, not the smartest thing, but I had to move on for the time being.  Stay tuned.

In one of our “favorite” finds (yes thats sarcastic), when we ripped up the carpet in our office, we found this beaut…

Office Closet Painted Floor

Office Closet Painted Floor

Yep, thats right… they painted the hardwood white.  I suppose it wouldn’t have been so heartbreaking if they had done a good job at it and it looked intentional and beautiful, but they just lazily splattered paint everywhere and it has huge mismatched brush strokes going against the grain of the wood and the seams of the planks.  Absolutely heartbreaking.  So how did we fix this?  We didn’t.  I didn’t even try.  It’s something we will have to fix when we finally decide to get the floors refinished (hopefully something a little more chocolatey).  Since it’s in the closet, it’s mostly covered by the drawers we placed in there & it’s closed otherwise.  So I just have to deal with it for now.

And finally, the most confusing thing they did to the hardwood…

Linen Closet Wallpapered Floor

Linen Closet Wallpapered Floor

Linen Closet Floor After

Linen Closet Floor After

Yes, you read that right… they wallpapered the floor.  It took me about an hour or so to sit and crack the wallpaper off the floor and then clean up the adhesive that was left over.  Thankfully, it was completely hard and brittle so it came up rather easily.  The bulk of my time was spent on a small portion towards the back that had formed an everlasting bond and was in an awkward area that was not easy to reach.  I am just happy it wasn’t the same scenario left for us inside of our master bedroom closets.


Have you ripped up carpeting in your home and found some less than stellar presents left from former owners?  Care to share?  Leave it in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Floor “Quirks”

  1. I used to own a turn of the century Victorian home and the previous owner had put hideous carpet on the beautiful hard wood staircase. Not only was the carpet glued down, there were tons of nails and tack strips that they had SCREWED into these stairs. It was just plain cruel!

    • Ah. that is so heartbreaking 😦 I know when you own a home, it’s “yours” and you should customize it to be what you want it to be, but it just kills me that anybody would “want” to ruin or at least severely mar wood floors.
      What did you end up doing with it??

  2. The key to getting sticky stuff off is oil. Just thought I would through that out there. You can make a scrubbing paste out of 2 parts baking soda and 1 part oil of your choice.

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