Want to see something gross?

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Pictured above is actually DURING the cleanup of one of the windows in our new home.  That’s right – they were ever way way dirtier than pictured here.  Every window in the place was caked with orange dirt.  We later realized it was probably the result of some indoor smoking (something suggested by a friend – which we had not considered).  It is incredibly gross though and we finally got it off with a LOT of elbow grease + 409 cleaner + Windex (obviously).

The only “after” I seemed to take was once Kev & his dad mounted the new fauxwood window blinds, but it’s obviously in that slideshow as well haha  As you can hopefully see though, they look about brand new!  Elbow grease, man – something that after two months here that we’ve realized is both priceless & in short supply haha

3 thoughts on “Want to see something gross?

  1. You should have used some ZEP Degreaser…it gets everything off with no effort. and yes that is gross. How much do you smoke anyway? LOL

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