Wait… aren’t there windows there?

I can’t seem to find a picture of it, but on one of the few tours before ever closing on our home, we realized there were glass block windows visible from the outside, but not on the inside.  You can see them on each side of the chimney from the outside, but when you come inside, theres no trace of them framing in the fireplace.  My father-in-law asked, “would you like windows there?” to which I replied.. well why not!

Let me show you the beautiful windows he framed in for us…


Window Hole Up Close

Window Hole Up Close

Window Hole from Afar

Window Hole from Afar

Yeah, so it’s not quite windows yet… which is the running family joke.  We like to give Kev’s dad a hard time about it, but we do appreciate that maybe, someday there will be windows there.  After all this time talking about them, I sure do hope we like them haha

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