The Case of the One-Sided Window

On one of our multiple visits to our new home before closing, somebody noticed that there were windows visible from the outside with no trace of them on the inside.  From the walkway to the patio, you could see two glass block windows, one on each side of the chimney.  From the inside, nothing framed the fireplace.  My father-in-law asked me if I’d like windows there and I replied.. well, why not.  So he got immediately on that…

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As you can see, he actually just poked a hole in the wall and stared into it before covering it up with masking tape.  I think I even have a picture of him and my hubs doing just that.  He promises the window boxes are on the way and it’s a fun thing to tease him over.  So for now, we just have masking tape painted to our wall, but I believe him that one day he’ll deliver and we will have light boxes.  Until then, let the teasing continue.

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