Beautiful Blooms

When Kevin & I were looking for our new home, we considered it a sign if there was a Yucca plant.  Why? you ask.  Because our Dogs like to ..well..water… (read: pee) on them.  We had one in our backyard of our last apartment and that was their watering hole of choice.  So much that we split off a piece of it and planted it in a pot to take with us.  Needless to say, we kinda had a mini (totally sane) freak out that the home we ended up making ours had FOUR out front.

Dog urine aside, the yucca is an amazing plant.  I am sure it’s got myths and legends and all of that awesome jazz, but I mainly like how it looks.  Rugged and desert-like when not in bloom, crazy and teasing during the weeks upon weeks that it grows the stalks and flower buds, and then unmatchable in beauty once those buds finally open up.  Don’t take my word for it, let’s enjoy some more of my half-rate photography.

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