A Quick Preview of Mission: Trash Hiding

Disassembling the awkward corner cabinet

Disassembling the awkward corner cabinet

The end plan to hide the trash involves a very awkward slanted cabinet.  Follow me through this picture.  As you can see we have 4 openings in this cabinet.  The top two on either side look they should be drawers, but nah, that’d be too useful.  Instead, they were just two fold down drawer fronts that opened to one big awkward space.  In the months we’ve lived here, we’ve never used it.  The two huge openings that remain were doors.  They both opened up to one big awkward moveable shelf.  We attempted to store baking sheets and the like in here with disastrous results.  It was annoying and we hated it, basically.  So we popped out the adjustable shelf after we took the doors off and then Kevin got to to town using his oscillating tool to remove the piece of cabinet between the folddown parts and the door.

Removing the permanent shelf

Removing the permanent shelf

You’d think the remaining “permanent” shelf would easily break out, but alas it did not.  So Kevin went at it with the oscillating tool and it eventually snapped out.  No turning back now.

Opened up cabinet

Opened up cabinet

Eventually we arrived at this point – a big wide open cabinet.  The plan is the permanently attach the fold-down fake drawer face and the bottom door both to the middle piece that was formerly attached to the cabinet.  Follow me?  So we will have two larger doors for each side that look the same as before, but each side moves as one solid piece.  We haven’t decided if we want them to tilt out or swing out, but we’re hoping we can find some ovular trash bins that will fit in these spots for our trash and recycle.


So here’s where we stand as of this post on our kitchen checklist:

• Prime, paint, and seal the cabinets.
• Buy new hardware and add it to the cabinets (duh)
• Paint the walls and ceiling
• Re-do the countertop (either paint or re-laminate)
• Replace the floor
• Finally finish installing the big light
• Replace the under cabinet light
• Find a permanent solution for the trash and recycle bins (on our way!)
• Make the upper corner shelf open shelving
• Possibly replace the above-window light
• Add some sort of curtains to the window and the door
• Strip and repair the doors to the outside and to the basement
• Paint the doors to the outside and the basement
• Bright high glass white paint on the trim
• Create a family command center on the big open wall that includes a calendar, mail center, meal planner, and anything else we may find useful.
• Decorate.
• Enjoy.


We’ve come a long way. ha. ha. ha.

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