Central Perk, Pittsburgh Edition

We have a tiny kitchen.  We don’t live in a McMansion by any means.  Our kitchen is about ~11’x~11′ including the cabinets.  One section of our countertop is taken up by a microwave that I have yet to find another home for.  Then our Keurig and coffee parts took about another large part.  When you looked in the kitchen it was a giant eyesore to look at.  But it’s about as necessary as oxygen in this house.  No coffee and we’d all die.  No doubt.  So what to do.

Thank you Pinterest, I *Will* make an area in the house just for coffee.  Hells to the yes.

I don’t really have a before picture of where the Keurig was at the kitchen.  But in the “After picture” you can see it back in its original spot.  I also don’t have a picture of the coffee bar stocked and loaded because… because I never got past just putting the Keurig and the coffee in and on it.  I eventually want to add some shelving above it and some art and make it look nice, but for now it’s just coffee essentials.

So to do this, we took this IKEA kitchen island we had from our apartment (That has been living in a closet with no where to go since we’ve moved in) and sawed off the ends to make it fit in this awkward previously empty corner.  You know what awesome people do?  They saw things in their kitchen without covering things up because they are lazy and want immediate satisfaction.

Sawing in the Kitchen

Sawing in the Kitchen


Empty Coffee Bar

Empty Coffee Bar (we actually have the other drawer too…but I was just excited and snapped the photo prematurely).

There ya have it.. our new coffee locale.  Without pictures of what it ended up looking like.  But I think its a great lil use of that nook.

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