Ghetto Photoshop

Yes I am serious.

I have found that really really quickly done terrible quality photoshops are really helpful.  I don’t like to put more work into them as necessary because usually the quick stitch is all I need to convince myself.  My half-assed photoshopping skills suit my purposes well.

So our office… It’s an office work area. To the right of the door when you walk in is a long double desk with our computers on it.  On the wall across from the entry door is a giant window and a huge double work station desk.  I craft on it.  Kevin builds and takes ebay photos, etc.  It’s really suiting.

I want our office work area to be fun and fresh and inspiring.  I want to come in and feel awake.  I work everyday out of this office.  It needs to feel good.  SO I went to IKEA and bought the brighest funnest curtains they have and I am obsessed with them.  Even tho, I bought them MONTHS ago and only have one pair hung up.  Reason?  (1) I really needed the one pair hung up (it blocks the closet full of printers) and (2) I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to hang the other set, so the 3rd set fell victim as well.

Blank Window and Wall

Blank Window and Wall

So that’s what it looks like.  Thats basically what it has looked like and still looks like since the beginning.  See that random stuff under the desk?  That’s the dogs’ lair.  They love it under there.  See the random shelves leaning against the wall to the right of the right bookshelf?  Those are still there.  More stuff is actually leaning in there too.  It’s okay.. Things take time.  Also see how empty that workspace is?  That’s a lie.. I cleared it all off so I wouldn’t have to photoshop with it.  Right now its full of half done Christmas gifts, my sewing machine, and a bunch of stuff Kevin is working on as well.

So back to photoshopping… I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to hang the curtains here.  I figured I had two choices – long on each side of the desk OR short over top of the desk.  After photoshop, I realized I had a third, kinda strange option that was exactly what I wanted…

Long Curtains, Short Curtains, Combined (Click to enlarge)

Long Curtains, Short Curtains, Combined
(Click to enlarge)


As you can see, I even fake photoshopped in a curtain rod on the last one. I’ve decided to go with that.  The plan is to cut the two panels in half length wise.  Then sew in the cut edges so I end up with 4 half panels. Hem two of the half panels to floor length and the remaining two to desk length.  The floor length panels will basically just hang there like art and not move, but the short ones can close then to cover the window.  When I say ” in half” – I don’t mean 50% each side.  It will probably end up where the floor length panels aren’t as wide as the window ones, since I never plan on using them.  They are just decoration.

I also want to make rods out of pipe since a rod that is that wide (~100 inches) is ridic expensive.



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