Glacier National Park

Apgar - Glacier National Park

Apgar – Glacier National Park

Who wants to hear about our family vacation to Glacier National Park?


Happy Belated 4th Anniversary to Us!

Our 4th Anniversary Cabine

Our 4th Anniversary Cabine

July 26th marked 4 years since we took the plunge and married in front of 150 of our closest friends and family.  To celebrate this year, we took a long weekend and headed to Mason, Ohio for two days at Kings Island Amusement Park.  It was a great time that I would highly recommend to anybody – especially those who love roller coasters.  As you can see above, we stayed at a campground with cabins about 30-40 min away from the park.  We lucked out and were placed in cabin number 4!  The number 4 recurred a lot that weekend, in examples I wish were not sunbaked out of my brain.

We love going on mini weekend “staycations” and would love to hear about the ones you enjoy.  Wheres the last place you went?  How did you celebrate your anniverary?