A pic of the 1st night we spent in our new house

Our "Bedroom" the 1st night we stayed in our house

Our “Bedroom” the 1st night we stayed in our house

Since we were doing so much work to get everything cleaned & ready before we had to move out furniture in (we had approximately 9 days before our lease was up) & failed to meet that deadline, we just set up our bed in the living room until we got our bedroom cleaned out (it was the first project we tackled).  Just thought you might enjoy a picture of our luxurious digs while we settled in..complete with random trash bin.


So you think your ceilings are clean…

So you think your ceilings are clean...

Kev painting the living room cieling

Kev & I differed on whether or not we thought the ceilings needed painted.

I argued, well, they might not look dirty now, but they are & if we paint the walls you are going to be able to tell how disgusting they are.
Kevin argued, painting ceilings are hard.

We were both right.

An Update on Paint Colors

A while back, I posted about trying to find a fail-proof neutral to paint the entire house, so that we can live in it for awhile before deciding on more-permanent paint colors (as if any paint color is ever permanent or even long lasting).   Let’s update.

At first, Kevin & I stumbled upon cheap (Read: less than $50 for 5 gallons) recycled paint at the Construction Junction.  We tried our best to pick out a neutral that we could live with and I came home and put the first coat up in the our sad baby blue boy master bedroom.

Before: Baby Blue Boy!

During:  Less than stellar greige color The before & during. Before: Baby blue boy! Yikes… During: A less than stellar greige color.

As you can hopefully see, (1) the color wasn’t really that enjoyable (at least to us) & (2) It didn’t really cover very well.. and when you are painting an entire house, you don’t want to put two or more coats on in every single room.  ESPECIALLY since we had just got done painting ceilings (and by me, I mean I tried, I cried, I passed the baton – more on that later).  So we decided to cut our losses with the “eco friendly” recycled paint option & move on to a much more expensive (over twice the price & worth every. single. penny.) but more worthwhile (time is money) Behr paint…

Behr Ultra in Navajo White

Behr Ultra in Navajo White

We ended up choosing “Navajo White” from Behr because we didn’t want plain white walls, but the lighter beige colors seemed to played out to us.  Really no beige is fun to me, but the goal was clean and move in ready, not permanency.   Here’s a picture of the ” “progress made” of our master bedroom.  The wall on the left is the recycled paint, the wall on the right is the Behr paint after one coat:

Left Wall: Recycled Paint;  Right Wall: Behr in Navajo White

Left Wall: Recycled Paint; Right Wall: Behr in Navajo White

Now, I am not saying I would not buy the recycled paint from CJ.  In fact, we kept it and plan on using it for something else (unknown at this time).  It was just not the right choice for us in this instance because this was supposed to be a quick fix to cover up ugly paint and make the place feel cleaner.

We are really happy with how all of the rooms look now.  We painted every room except the bathrooms and the kitchen (which need(ed) more TLC than just the bedrooms).  It also goes without saying that we painted all of the ceilings as well.  I am going to post a picture of the before and after of that in a separate post.  Here is a finished view of a different wall of the bedroom.. its not much to look at since it’s just a wall, but we are satisfied with the Navajo White and want to share how it turned out for us.  (Spoiler alert, we also ripped up the carpeting & replaced the fan – more on that later!)

After...or as it really is "Progress Made"

After…or as it really is “Progress Made”

So that is our dramatic story of paint colors.. Hope you like & approve!