7 Months Ago We Replaced A Light

Seriously, alert the local media.  This is a very interesting post.


So interesting that the only ‘before’ picture I have is of our first visit and you can only see what I am talking about in the background..

Hall Light "Before"

Hall Light “Before”

Through the miracles of crop, I present that incredibly high quality before shot.

Replacing these ugly random light fixtures have never been a huge priority (except for that chandelier..which spoiler alert is still hanging there this day).   Well, we were randomly at Lowe’s and I found a beautiful fixture marked down from over $100 to $19.  Sold.

New Hallway Light Closeup

New Hallway Light Closeup

Bright & Shiny

Bright & Shiny


I am back at blogging at the first thing I post is about a light replacement and not even at how we did it.  There are plenty of how tos on switching lights out there tho.  Do you really want to learn how we did it?

Spoiler Alert..It was magic.


So it’s been awhile.

I swear, I promise, it hasn’t been intentional that I haven’t updated my house’s dear diary that is this blog.

I’ve just been so busy.

I started my own law practice in September & it took off way more than anybody could have expected.  It excites me.

But also, we’ve been busy with the house.  We have made so many changes & updates, etc. that I really need to commit to word before I forget how/why/etc. and lose the memory.

I think I have the time today to run out some new posts about everything, so here it goes.  Hopefully.

Please accept my apologies.

More Painting…Obviously

I finally got around to painting the interior of our now open corner shelf.  I used the wall paint and cabinet paint to make it look like framed shelves on the wall. Let me just show you the picture…

Open Shelving

Open Shelving

I still have to paint the shelves and get them mounted in there.  I haven’t done that yet because I want to put a lip on the front of the shelves to make them a little more substantial looking.  Also, I want to paint a pattern in the green – I think.  I have a small sample of the green that is in a different finish (our walls are satin finish & the sample is not…yeah I don’t know what it is).  The pattern would therefore be very subtle.  Actually, to tell you the truth, it may not even be a big enough difference to show up.  Ha.  Whoops.  I’ll see what happens when I do it.

But its painted!  Let’s focus on that achievement.  We’re obviously slow over here.


  • Prime, paint, and seal the cabinets. (we opted to not seal)
  • Buy new hardware and add it to the cabinets (duh)
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Re-do the countertop (either paint or re-laminate)
  • Re-redo the countertop again (surprise surprise!)
  • Replace the floor
  • Finally finish installing the big light (it needs a sealing gasket thing installed, but we couldn’t find it for awhile lol)
  • Replace the under cabinet light
  • Find a permanent solution for the trash and recycle bins (on our way!)
  • Make the upper corner shelf open shelving (just have to add the shelves back in – more on that later)
  • Paint the new open shelving in the corner (still have to paint the actual shelves + maybe a pattern in the background + hang the shelves)
  • Possibly replace the above-window light
  • Add some sort of curtains to the window and the door
  • Strip and repair the doors to the outside and to the basement
  • Paint the doors to the outside and the basement
  • Bright gloss white paint on the trim and doors
  • Create a family command center on the big open wall that includes a calendar, mail center, meal planner, and anything else we may find useful.
  • Add a light in the little nook where the doors are?
  • Decorate.
  • Enjoy.